Earlswood Community Impact Assessment Group (CIAG) Update

Published: 21 August 2021

Earlswood Community Impact Assessment Group (CIAG) Update

A new multi-agency partnership group is looking to develop and consult with residents on solutions for key public concerns in Earlswood.

The Earlswood Community Impact Assessment Group is made up of a number of public agencies including Warwickshire Police, Stratford-on-Avon District Council, and Warwickshire County Council, the Canal and River Trust, Tanworth-in-Arden Parish Council, local councillors and community representatives. The group meets monthly and facilitates discussions between all the agencies and groups attending. At present a range of viable options are being developed which will be presented to and voted on by residents of Earlswood. All parties present on the group have contributed to the development of these options. It is hoped that if there is sufficient community support for any of the options then these can be progressed by all the relevant organisations and groups. A date for a public meeting will be arranged where these options will be presented.

Whilst initially it had been planned to hold such a meeting prior to the end of August in order to ensure the options presented are viable and costed there has been a slight delay. It is now hoped options can be put forward to all for consideration and discussion at a meeting to be advertised locally for September 2021. A specific date will be confirmed in due course. It is anticipated that a finalised list of the available options will be published prior to this meeting for the residents of Earlswood to consider.

The group is particularly mindful that the issues experienced and any potential remedies to overcome them require community engagement and decision making and it is not intended that the group will make decisions on behalf of the community without engagement and consultation.