Earlswood Lakes Works Update 7 June 2021

Published: 08 June 2021

Road closure extension

Unfortunately we’ve had to extend the road closure times on two of the three sections of closures.

The reopening of Valley Road date of 20 August remains the same, but the re-opening of the Malthouse Lane causeway road between Engine and Windmill Pool, and the Crest Road above the dam alongside Valley Road, has now been delayed until 15 October.

The reason for this closure extension is a combination of construction material shortages (including cement), and some changes we’ve made to our programme and working methods. We apologise for any extra disruption and inconvenience this will cause local residents and businesses.

Current activities:

• The new headwalls and culvert construction between Engine and Terry’s pools are nearing completion • We continued improvement works to the canal feeder channel alongside Engine Pool • Rock armour protection is now complete to Windmill Pool (against the Malthouse Lane causeway wall) • Drainage channel works along the embankment are underway • New fishing platforms on Engine Pool are being constructed • We’ve started preparing the section of Valley Road above the dam, ready to install the new slurry wall, by cutting a trial trench into the road surface • Keller has set up its slurry (cement) mixing plant on Valley Road.

• We’ve created a holding pen in the corner of Windmill Pool for material excavated ahead of the new slurry wall

Plans for the next two weeks include:

• Continuation of canal feeder channel works, including dredging and silt removal, and concrete bag protection along the pathway • We’ll continue to install the new fishing platforms on Engine Pool • We will continue the embankment drainage system works • Keller will continue its slurry wall installation.