Lakes Stakeholders' Forum

Published: 28 May 2021

Stakeholders Forum


Dear Lake User.

 A group of lake users, Stake Holders, met to reform a Forum for Stake holders to discuss matters pertaining to the positive use of the Lakes. To develop a common voice to work with CRT to fulfil the stated Aim and Objectives.


1.      To work to ensure the integrity of the 3 lakes for the benefit of the residents, and all legitimate users of the lakes.


·         Ensure the lakes are manged so as to facilitate the positive use of the lakes for the various groups who currently use the lakes.

·         To reduce all forms of ASB centred on the Lakes.

·         To identify ‘stakeholders’.

·         To develop a Forum for stakeholders to discuss concerns.

·         To meet regularly with CRT management to discuss and consider management of the lakes and related concerns.

·         To consider actions to address concerns.

·         To develop a ‘corporate’ voice which can negotiate/work with CRT to fulfil the objectives.

·         To act as the primary point of contact for all stakeholders in order that their issues may be addressed.


List of Stakeholders and contact person

1.      Anglers                                    Vol Bailiff Barry Cheese and Vol Bailiff Mark Carney

2.      Lake clear-up group                Jenny Buckley

3.      Sailing club                              Andrew Day

4.      Tanworth-in-Arden PC            Dermot O’Brien

5.      Tidbury Green PC                    Len Cresswell   

6.      CRT                                          ? Specific identified person

7.      Wild life groups                      Bob Roberts

8.      Residents’ Association            Ewen Cunningham                 

 Action to date

·         An initial group of Stake Holders agreed the Aim and the Objectives (attached) of the proposed Forum.

·         Each of the above to be invited to join the Forum and to represent their specific group.

·         An invitation to other Lake Users to join the Forum.


The list of Stake Holders may not be comprehensive. If there are other user groups that wish to work with the Forum, they are asked to contact Dermot O’Brien (07532134632)