Earlswood ASB and Traffic Issues working party update 13 Feb 2021

Published: 17 February 2021

The following monthly update has been prepared for the Full Parish Council meeting of 18 February 2021:

PSPO – Contrary to the information received last month, the PSPO is still going through periods of consultation with “key groups”. As stated before, this was supposed to be a quick fix but it’s deathly (word used advisedly!) slow. The Lakes continue to be very busy on weekends with people who are accumulating in moderate sized groups and are not socially distancing, which is disheartening!

Please see the E&FHRA and PC websites for the latest PSPO update from SDC. The draft order is still available to view at: https://www.stratford.gov.uk/doc/209881/name/PSPO%20Earlswood%20V3%20Draft%20order.pdf/

Malthouse Park – Re security, there is no further update.

Re white lining the car park, we had two separate days lined up to power wash the car park in order for it to be white lined. However, the weather beat us on both occasions. However, we have decided to put this on the back burner for now as CRT require access to The Lakes through the car park to drop of some heavy equipment that they need for remedial works that they are undertaking during the summer. It was decided that, amongst other things, a 40 tonne crane, would do a bit of damage to the new lines and, consequently, it is now deferred until later in the year, when the CRT work is completed.

The Causeway – CRT has now advised us on the works that they are proposing conducting. This starts on the 15th February and finishes around September. This is much longer that they initially advised. The causeway is now anticipated to be closed completely, for both vehicles and pedestrians from mid-March through to mid-September. The only upside is that it will give the WP a greater opportunity to evaluate the consequences of closing the causeway to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic over the summer.

CCTV cameras – No further updates during this month. We presume that the PC has requested SDC to start the planning application process for the Valley Road camera pole but, in view of the forthcoming lengthy CRT works, there is probably less urgency now.

CRT – CRT has started to drain The Lakes already. There is no mention of any form of policing of the Lakes when the beaches re-appear. The footpaths around the Lakes will be closed for considerable amounts of time, which might make access more difficult but probably wouldn’t stop ardent party-goers!

There is a meeting with CRT on 3 March between CRT and the PC, the WP, E&FHRA and Earlswood Wildlife Partnership and this is one of the topics that will be raised by the local groups.

Road Lining – We have written to John Horner at WCC to ask for his help re lining the roads but have not heard back from him yet. We are still pursuing SMBC likewise to take some action. The roads round The Lakes have been extremely busy over the past few weekends.

General – No updates