UPDATE: Vaccinations, Transport & Volunteers

Published: 03 February 2021

Latest news. Vaccinations and Transport. 2/2/2021

Did I say that things keep changing? Understatement!

Here is an update which is as accurate as possible today.

The roll out of vaccinations for the over 70s is well underway.

“To date 20 local vaccination centres have opened and official figures released this week show that 64,000 vaccinations have been delivered in seven weeks. Today (25th January) will see the opening to patients of the Large Vaccination Centre at Stoneleigh NAEC. Patients who are 70 and over will be invited to this site, please note that this is an option, like the offer to have a vaccination at Millennium Point in Birmingham - this is a choice and people can wait to be called for a vaccination more locally.”

People are being contacted either by letter or by a phone call – or both. You will have the choice to attend one of the centres listed in your letter or go to one more local to you when you are contacted by phone.

Please be clear, you will have this choice.

The Birches is asking people not to phone the surgery regarding vaccination appointments.

They are now going to put some updates and current information on their website which will help.

I am advised by our local practice that all over 80’s have been vaccinated.

If you are over 80 and not had your vaccination then please let me know rather than the surgery.

The advice, if you are anxious about your health and waiting for the vaccine, is to make an appointment with a doctor to discuss your situation. The practice has said this is what they would prefer rather than asking reception staff to handle enquiries.


There has also been a shift on the matter of volunteer drivers to help those who are having difficulties getting transport to any vaccination centre.

The practice has now decided that they are unable to offer transport from volunteer drivers due to insurance issues.

This leaves us with the VASA service or NHS Responders.

VASA is a recognised voluntary service based in Stratford.

If you need transport for medical purposes of any sort then you can contact VASA on 01789 262889 Monday – Friday, 9.30am to 3.30pm or email transport@vasa.org.uk

You can still contact me if you are in difficulties with transport, our local volunteers can still drive you to a vaccination centre; 01564 703695; jennifer.buckley@onetel.net; and I’ll do my best to arrange it. We just can’t do it through the Birches as first agreed.

Support Services | NHS Volunteer Responders

Patient Transport is available on this but will need to be requested by a professional referrer such as your GP or other medical practitioner.

There is also a link for people to sign up if they would like to volunteer to support the NHS responders programme. Here's the link: Sign Up as an NHS Volunteer Responder | NHS Volunteer Responders

If you would like to volunteer with VASA(Voluntary Action Stratford-on-Avon) then email transport@vasa.org.uk or phone 01789 262889.


I hope this information lasts longer than the last update I gave you.

Best wishes to you all,