Malthouse Lane Update

Published: 12 November 2020

It has come to our attention that there are several rumours and counter rumours circulating at the moment as to what is happening regarding the issues surrounding Malthouse Lane and the Lakes. To this end we would like to inform you of the current situation.

At the Parish Council meeting on 4th August 2020 it was agreed that the Parish Council would apply to Warwickshire County Council Highways department for a temporary closure of the Causeway so that its impact on the antisocial behaviour (ASB) issues could be investigated. At about the same time, the Canals & River Trust (CRT) also applied for a temporary closure in order that they could carry out maintenance work. It was therefore decided by the Parish Council to take advantage of the CRT closure to assess the impact on ASB. As far as we are aware this will take place in April/May 2021; as of yet we have not been given the definite date. The Parish Council will revisit this issue once the impact of the closure on the ASB has been determined. At this stage NO decision has been made by the PC as to recommend a permanent closure or not.

With regards to the Leisure Park there are several updates:

· New gates have been ordered for the vehicle entrance to the park and should be installed shortly. These will replace the current barrier.

· The PC is in the process of awarding a contract to have parking bays marked out in the car park.

· Quotes are being collected from a number of security companies to manage the night time closure of the park.

· There is no plan to alter the existing opening hours of the park.

The rumour that the CRT is planning to charge people to visit the Lakes is completely unfounded.