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Tanworth-in-Arden Parish Council is one of the 113 Parish Councils within Stratford-on-Avon District Council. Stratford is one of the 5 District or Borough Councils within Warwickshire County Council.

The Parish covers around 3000 residents in a large mainly rural area of South Warwickshire (Stratford-on-Avon North), including Tanworth-in-Arden itself, Earlswood, Forshaw Heath, Aspley Heath, Danzey Green, Gilbert's Green, Penn Lane & Poolhead Lane. The Parish receives funding from  a precept levied on council tax payers by Stratford District Council.

The Council is made up of 12 Parish Councillors who are elected onto the council every four years. There are nominally 6 from Tanworth and 6 from Earlswood.  Elections will take place in May 2019. 

Latest News

Precept Increase 2019/20

Published: 25 Mar 19

Please click on read more to find information regarding the precept increase. Read More...


Published: 19 Mar 19

Election of councillors for Tanworth ward. Click on Read more for further details. Read More...


Published: 19 Mar 19

Election of councillors for Earlswood ward. Click on Read more for further details Read More...


Published: 19 Mar 19

Stratford on Avon District Council Elections, Thursday 2nd May 2019. Election of a district Councillor for Tanworth-in -Arden. Read More...

Cyber Crime Presentation

Published: 11 Mar 19

Cyber Crime Presentation at 7.30pm, Thursday 28th March at: Ladbrook Park Golf Club, Poolhead Lane, Tanworth in Arden.Cybersafe’s aim is to help you stay safe online, so you can browse to your heart’s content, knowing you’re protected against scams, fraud and security. Arranged by E&FHRA: All Welcome. It’s a free event. Read More...

ELF Fundraising

Published: 4 Mar 19

ELF are pleased to say that in Tesco, Shirley (the big Tesco), the ELF project, has been chosen as one of the three projects to receive some funding. Please can we encourage shoppers to put the blue tokens that are given after shopping into 'Whiz Kids' (that is what is is called - as they will one day, whiz down the slide). Thanks Earlswood Lakes Fundraising Committee (ELF) Read More...