NDP – Response 6

I accessed the website and my primary interest is Wood End which is where we live in Aspley Heath Lane.

Unless I have missed anything on the website,the only suggested sites at present which look more likely to be approved are the houses at Cank Farm and the possible development behind the Warwickshire Lad.
Neither are likely to affect us personally, but the only concern which may affect some people in Tanworth is likely to be around car parking in the village and the narrow road access by the church for traffic entering the village from the new development of around 21 homes from Cank Farm.

Parking is often not that easy in the village unless you park in Bates Lane and I wonder why there is less parking over the years.  More 2 car families living in the village is my best guess.
The development,if it happens,behind the Warwickshire Lad would mean more traffic entering Broad Lane from Wood End Lane and especially at peak times is quite difficult as I find when I get my cars serviced at John Snapes.  I often have to wait a few minutes to get out onto Broad Lane.

This potential site is near the doctors and the station which is positive, but needs to be a only a small development in my opinion because of road access to Broad Lane in peak hours as this is not ideal for all residents on side roads to Broad Lane at peak times.

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