NDP – Response 4

My succinct thoughts are as follows and replicate my feedback on the evening;


We need to / have to,  carry out a Housing Needs Survey to identify what, if any need exists and then, if there is a need then we can look to address this need. I would expect any need to be for affordable housing and downsizer (bungalows / dormer bungalow) accommodation.  I do not believe that we should focus solely on TinA, Earlswood and Wood End as I believe limited infill can equally apply to other smaller villages that are not categorised as LSVs.

I support the principle of having a policy for the redevelopment of brownfield sites. Whilst Cank Farm which abuts TinA is a ‘no brainer’, I believe that we will encounter brownfield site(s) which are more remote coming forwards for housing


As part of supporting the rural economy, I think we should be positively promoting the Umberslade Farms and The Lakes which bring untold people and money into the area. Thinking of where umberslade farm was 10 years ago and where it is now, I would happily put a gun to someones head – ok so maybe not happily – who thinks that this type of progress is a bad thing for the area. The Lakes is as it stands a missed opportunity and I know both Mike and myself have only recently enjoyed the lake experience despite it being on our doorstep and us having been around for too many years. A visitor centre or something should be encouraged.

The importance of heritage / conservation etc., are all taken as read.

3Again – big thanks to Mike and the NDP team who have put in the time to get to where we are.

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