County Councillor’s Report – October

  • Parish Council’s will be beginning to think about their precepts for next year. I have noticed that the Arden Division residents contribute more in taxes than they receive in services from all levels of Government (Westminster, County and District) other than the Parish Council.  Subsidising the less fortunate is a responsibility of nationhood but from a personal value for money perspective from our taxes it is better for a service to be provided by the parish than through the other levels of Government.
  • Recycling centres commenced their winter hour’s schedules from Sunday 1st October They will be open o Saturday and Sunday from 0830 – 1615 hrs.  Monday to Friday 0930 – 1515 hrs.  Christmas, New Year & Easter arrangements will be advised nearer the time.
  • It’s time for Arden Division residents to have a ‘flu vaccination. One in three people in the region are entitled to a free vaccination.  Those able to have free vaccinations include people aged 65 and over, pregnant women, children or adults with serious medical conditions and carers.  GPs, pharmacies and antenatal clinics are offering the vaccination
  • At the request of a Parish Council I am obtaining information on how to establish bylaws to cover local issues such as drones in public places.
  • The idea of volunteer traffic wardens enforcing parking restrictions in the parishes has progressed as far as the County obtaining a legal opinion.
  • I have noticed Arden Division has very few resident Special Constables and I have written to the PCC asking if he would consider paying Special Constables similar to the Armed Services Reserves and On Call Firefighters in the hope this might encourage more people to come forward. The full time police officers are extremely stretched and rural areas will continue to suffer.  There is no upper age limit for Special Constables.
  • The County has launched a small grants scheme, less than £5,000 for capital expenditure on local flood schemes.

John Horner


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