Earlswood Community Impact Assessment Group (CIAG) Update

Published: 14 October 2021

As you may be aware the Earlswood Community Impact assessment group was formulated with the intention to address issues surrounding Crime and anti-social behaviour in the area. Its principle objective was to collectively try to identify better long term problem solving solutions with and for the community to ultimately try to improve the quality of life for all in the area.

The group comprises of all of the partners with a statutory responsible for reducing crime and ASB including; Warwickshire Police, Warwickshire County Council, Stratford on Avon District Council, The office for the Police and Crime Commissioner, Canal and River Trust and has included representatives of the Parish Council and Residents Association.

Following extensive review of all of the options available to try and achieve this the group collectively made the decision that the most viable option was to propose an experimental closure of the causeway to vehicular traffic. A public engagement event was held at Earlswood Village Hall on 07/10/2021 with representatives present from Warwickshire Police, The Canal and River Trust, Stratford District Council and Warwickshire County Council and it was fantastic meet so many members of the community and hear so many of your views which will be fed into the consultation process that will form part of the experimental closure.

The group are aware that the Canal and River Trust are due to complete their works on 15/10/2021 and therefore the Canal and River Trust will have no lawful authority to maintain their road closure. The enactment of the experimental closure will be facilitated by Warwickshire County Council. It was hoped that this would be in place for the completion of the works undertaken by the Canal and River Trust however for reasons outside of the groups control that may not be the case.

To confirm it is the current intention of the group to enact the experimental closure as soon as is viable.

The experimental closure of the causeway to vehicular traffic order has a maximum timespan of 18 months. Keeping the causeway closed to vehicular traffic will allow all the agencies and residents to understand if this decrease in incidents is as a direct result of the closure. By having an experimental closure of the causeway this will allow this data to be gathered which would not be possible if it remained open. It will also allow for a full, formal consultation to be conducted with residents. Given the temporary nature of the closure this will be kept under continual review and can be reversed at any time if required.

The causeway will remain open for Emergency Vehicles, pedestrians, mobility scooters, horse riders and cyclists.