Rumours re Causeway

Published: 27 August 2021

The Parish Council is receiving several communications on a daily basis from members of public. All of these communications relate to a rumour that is circulating that the Parish Council is considering closing the causeway. These rumours are untrue.
Whilst we do not know the source, it is likely that these rumours are circulating following the formation of the Earlswood Community Impact Assessment Group (ECIAG). We published a statement from this group recently which can be found on our website and Facebook page. The Parish Council was unaware of the group’s existence initially, but Parish Council Chairman Dave Burgess has attended the last 2 monthly meetings as a guest and has been asked for his opinions. As he has had to sign a confidentiality agreement he is not allowed to discuss what goes on in the meetings unless it has been authorised by the Police.
As reported in the ECIAG statement, this group intends to present some options which will be offered to and voted on by Earlswood residents in the near future at a public meeting which we understand will be held in September. We have no idea what these options are so are not able to say if one of these options will be to close the causeway, but the Parish Council would be surprised if closure of the causeway was not one of the options.
For now, all we can do is wait to see what options the group puts forward for residents to vote on and look out for the details of the public meeting. As soon as the Parish Council is made aware of any developments we will publish them.
Statement ends