Speed Watch is happening near you!

Published: 19 August 2021

Community Speed Watch, supported by Warwickshire Police, is now up and running in the Tanworth in Arden parish, operating at different locations across Earlswood and Tanworth. This initiative has been made possible due to a team of local volunteers who are giving up their valuable time to make our roads safer and by the excellent support of the Parish Council who have made this happen by funding the purchase of the speed camera along with additional funding for extra high visibility Jackets and a first aid kit. We are grateful to the Parish Council for their support.

Without those volunteers willing to give their time nothing would happen. We are very lucky to have such community minded residents in our community.

Our teams are operating several times each week on different days around the parish. Vehicles exceeding the speed limit are identified and their details forwarded to Warwickshire Police who contact the registered owner. Enforcement action is taken against those identified as repeat offenders within the County and those whose speeds are excessive.

The deployment of our teams is already having an effect with vehicles noticeably slowing down at the sight of our surveillance teams and many vehicles have already been reported. The scheme is also engendering a real community spirit across the parish with our volunteers in Earlswood and Tanworth working closely together and providing mutual support.

Our teams comprise 4 police trained camera operatives and essential data collectors. Data recording is an important part of the Speed Watch operation. It is our aim that this valuable information will help frame future decision making and facilitate the funding of permanent speed reduction measures throughout the parish.


Community Speed Watch is a long-term project and we are actively looking to recruit more volunteers to develop and expand surveillance in the area. If you are interested in joining us to help reduce speed on our roads and can spare a couple of hours a week, please contact jennifer.buckley@onetel.net. or phone on 01564 70 3695 and I will go through the process with you. The Parish Council would also pass on your details should you prefer to contact them.

Wishing you all well,

Jenny Buckley