Alcester Police North SNT. Latest Weekly Report. Sunday 25th July 2021

Published: 26 July 2021

For operational and privacy reasons not all the incidents that occur on the Alcester area are listed in this report. Please remember to report any anti-social behaviour, suspicious activity or crimes to us as soon as possible - this can be done via the 101 and 999 telephone numbers or if not an emergency via our online reporting forms that can be found on our website.

Incidents of a public interest from the last week:-


  • *Attempt Burglary. Rowland Avenue, Studley. Front door of house tampered with, possibly with the intention of gaining entry. Reported Friday 23rd July. 0312 23/07/2021


  • *Anti-Social Behaviour. Lakes, Earlswood. Report that groups of people are still gathering on the ‘beaches’ of the lakes and playing loud music etc. The area is currently under a Public Spaces Protection Order. SNT aware and are dealing. Reported Tuesday 20th July. 0122 20/07/2021


  • *Vehicle Crime. Blind Lane, Tanworth. White Ford Fiesta stolen from driveway without keys. 3am Monday 19th July. 0091 19/07/2021


  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Ullenhall. Occupants from vehicle seen acting suspiciously in the area. Occupants were taking photos and the caller was concerned regards their motives. The first part of the registration number was ‘MA63’. No offences disclosed at the time. 6.50pm Sunday 18th July. 0090 19/07/2021

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If it's not 999, try going online - Warwickshire Police is encouraging the public to try reporting non-emergency crime online, by using the force’s website. Currently the vast majority of non-emergency reports come into the force via the 101 telephone line. However, since the force moved to the Single Online Home website platform (part of a national project to standardise police websites across the country), the public are now able to report incidents online. The benefits of using the website are:

· Incidents or crimes which don’t require an immediate police response can be reported in a user’s own time and at their own pace.

· It offers exactly the same service as calling 101 – the force has a dedicated Digital Desk team who work on online reports.

· It can save callers waiting in a queue to speak to someone on 101 – which unfortunately can sometimes get busy during peak periods.

· It helps to keep resources free for emergency 999 calls.

· When a report is submitted, the user will receive an email with all of their submitted details for reference.

· As well as the online reporting feature, the website also contains lots of information and guidance, including advice on who you should report specific matters to.

The reporting page can be accessed via this link -


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Alcester Police Office Phone Number - 01789 444816 (not to be used for emergencies or priority calls. Always report incidents on 101). Online reporting services are also available on our website -

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We do not monitor our social media pages, so please do not use them to report incidents or to pass on important information. Please call us on 101, 999 or use the online reporting forms as required.