Earlswood Lakes Works Update 2 July 2021

Published: 13 July 2021

Current activities:

• Drainage channels to embankment ongoing, 95% complete (image attached) • Slurry wall dam strengthening works ongoing - complete on Windmill side, 50% complete on Engine (image attached) • Build up of Windmill Pool pathway, with excavated material, ongoing. This will be left for a period to allow drying out, at which point it will be profiled accordingly and it will be resurfaced with an all weather surface (image attached) • Ongoing Canal Feeder Channel works alongside Engine Pool (image attached)

Plans for the next two weeks:

• Completion of feeder channel works. Coir rolls left out until water can be diverted down here, which is planned to happen over the next couple of weeks. The pump outlets from Terry’s Pool will soon be diverted into this channel.

• Completion of the slurry wall dam strengthening installation. This will require a minimum of 40 days to gain strength. Then testing will take place to confirm that we can move to the next stage of the works on the Crest Road – resurfacing the road.

• Embankment drainage system installation is due for completion.

• We will begin profiling of the Windmill pathway, ready for resurfacing works.

• The large parking space on Valley Road is being removed from the scheme, as is the trash screen that was originally planned for this location.

• We have arranged a July newsletter mailing with Royal Mail, due to begin w/c 19 July. The newsletter includes a list of local businesses open and trading in the area. A copy of the newsletter now available on our website at https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/earlswood-lakes-repairs