Earlswood Lakes Works update, 7 May 2021

Published: 10 May 2021

Earlswood Lakes Works update, 7 May 2021

Ongoing activities include:

• The construction of a works access route from Malthouse Lane Car Park to the new culvert between Terry’s Pool and Engine Pool is nearing completion

• This access route uses rocks and blocks to support machinery safely across Engine Pool

• New faggot bundles have arrived which will provide erosion protection for the canal feeder channel, along with coir rolls. Around 400 meters of the feeder channel will be dredged to remove the built up of silt first.

• New headwalls have arrived for the new culvert being constructed between Terry’s Pool and the canal feeder channel, close to the Mason Lane footpath entrance. This new culvert will allow for water transfer from Terry’s Pool to the canal feeder channel.

• Rock armour protection is being installed along the main dam face at Engine Pool

• Erosion protection works are underway at Engine Pool, with voids being filled with concrete bags

Plans for the next two weeks include:

• Work will continue of the construction on the new headwall at the bottom of Mason Lane

• We will start the dredging on the canal feeder channel

• We will complete the erosion repairs on Engine Pool

• We will start installing the new drainage system into the grass embankment alongside Valley Road. A series of sets of perforated pipework will be installed, and covered over again afterwards

• We will relocate the electrical cable in the main dam