Earlswood ASB and Traffic Issues Working Party update 6 May 2021

Published: 10 May 2021

Progress continues slowly. Almost all the work is being undertaken by the public authorities and we are reactive to their pace of progress. This past month:

PSPO – The PSPO has been implemented and has been enforceable since 1 May – see both the PC and RA websites for further details.

Malthouse Park – The issue regarding the locking and unlocking of the Malthouse Park gates will be discussed by the PC at this month’s full Council meeting (tonight).

The Causeway – No further updates.

CCTV cameras – It has been noted that the temporary camera that has been erected at the bottom of MHL, although operational, is not generating any actions from the police. We were led to believe that it would be monitored live 24/7 by SDC but this is not currently the case. SDC say that because it’s only a temporary camera that’s currently installed, they only review it retrospectively when reports are made. However, this will change when the permanent camera is installed. We (the PC and the WP) are arranging a visit to SDC’s camera control room in a couple of weeks’ time to see how it operates. We are concerned that we are paying SDC for a service that we’re not getting.

CRT – We have written to CRT as a consequence of complaints that we have received, regarding drivers ignoring, or being oblivious to, the signage in Malthouse Lane re the causeway being closed and MHL only being for frontages’ access from the Keyhole to the bottom of the hill. We have requested additional clearer signage but have had no response from CRT on this to date, which is disappointing.

It has also come to our attention that walkers are being caught out if the start their walks round the Lakes from Cloweswood Lane as they get to Mason Lane before realising that they can’t cross the Lakes and have to reverse their journey. We will be taking this up with CRT too.

Road Lining –

SDC - No further updates

SMBC – We have a very useful meeting with Paul Tovey, SMBC’s head of highways. He was very sympathetic as to our issues around Lady Lane and Wood Lane. He also guided us in the right direction to go if we wanted action and this is more complex, although do-able, than we first though. We are now working out the best way to action his points and will be letting those affected know in due course. PT also said that he would visit the area to see the issues for himself. We thank him for his time and advice.


It looks like the Red Lion car park has reopened and they are not enforcing their plan that it’s only for customers at present.

We are also getting reports (unsupported) of drug dealing in the car park adjacent to the allotments next to The Reservoir Pub. If anyone is aware of any such activities, can they please let us know and we will advise the police.