Update - The Lakes ASB and Traffic Issues Working Party

Published: 16 March 2021

There has been little noticeable progress on the part of the WP this month. However, the process is, we understand, still progressing in the corridors of power and we have been prompting and cajoling the responsible authorities during the period. Things are slowly coming together and we are hopeful that by next month’s report, we may have advances in infrastructure implementation to report. This past month:

PSPO – The police have told us that their intention is to enforce it as soon as it’s in place. We have not been given an implementation date but it, surely, it can’t be long now!

Malthouse Park – Re security, no security companies have indicated interest in undertaking the management of the Park gates and car park. The PC is now looking to compile a list of volunteers who will take weekly turns to release any vehicles that have been locked in after closing time. 

The Causeway – No specific updates except that it will be closed from 19 April until 20 August, as will Valley Rd from Earlswood crossroads to Wood Lane crossroads.

CCTV cameras – We have now been advised that the camera poles have to be imported and, due to Covid, the MHL pole will probably not be delivered until June. However, SDC are of the opinion that the erection of temporary cameras may be possible. We await confirmation as the SIM cost are “very high”. 

The Valley Rd pole planning application is being looked at currently.

With Valley Rd and the causeway being closed, we were advised that only residents and essential services would be allowed access to this area. This would prevent the camera pole being erected in Valley Rd during the summer. We queried this with CRT and they have just advised us that they now believe that it would be possible to erect the pole during this period provided the construction team was amenable.

CRT – We, along with representatives of other stakeholder groups, had a meeting with CRT in order that they could explain what they are intending to do over the period of time that the groundworks are taking place (mid-April until mid-August).

The PC Clerk has circulated a file note of the meeting and our thanks go to Julie for doing that. We were not happy about CRT wishing to keep as much access as possible open to the Lakes during this period as a consequence of their unwillingness to supply security to manage this, given the issues that occurred last year when “the tide was out”. An update from CRT today (Friday, 12/03/21) is much more positive in that respect but they “can’t share any further details at the moment”. We await a more full response in due course.

The WP has consistently complained that it’s CRT’s responsibility to manage the Lakes and surrounds that they own and not rely on the police to do that. This was a point that was reiterated by Sgt Naughton at the meeting. We have also been just advised that CRT is going to work more closely with the police and other responsible agencies going forward. Again, we are pleased but have no detail regarding this arrangement.

Road Lining – We had a phone conversation with Sgt Naughton and one of the points raised was that of re-lining the roads where they were now worn out and unfit for purpose. Sgt Naughton indicated that this was now in hand.

General – The police have been suggesting doing things like looking at MHL with a view to implementing traffic calming measures and have been thinking about closing off the unofficial car park in Valley Rd. We have advised Sgt Naughton that we would prefer that these action do not take place at present as we need to assess the effects that the cameras have and also the closure of the causeway before recommending further actions.

We have also been in contact with the PCC’s office re ASB issues and have received a response today (Friday 12/03/21), which is attached to this email.