Tanworth in Arden PC Crime Working Group Update.

Published: 17 December 2020

Tanworth in Arden PC Crime working group update.

The TIA crime working group

· Group meeting

· Fly Tipping

· Baz Bains

· Future Police spending

· CCTV companies

Group Meeting

· Large Parish Map to be requested from Julie, this will help the group look at possible camera locations

· Leila to write a clear and concise strategy for the group

· Crime statistics to be requested from Julie/Police.

· Ask three residents from TIA to join the group. This worked very well for the Earlswood group. Permission requested from our PC Chairman.

· Recent crime discussed, serious carjacking, burglary and fly tipping.

Fly Tipping

· Fly Tipping has always been a problem but seems to be on the increase since covid-19 become a problem. I have contacted Police and Tony Dixon to ask for help and support. Support has been offered from both.

Baz Bains (Supportive Village Scheme)

· I met with Baz and he is very keen to meet again and progress with our plan for an open-air crime prevention day in Tanworth in Arden.

Future Police Spending

· I will be taking part in a zoom meeting 17/12/20.

CCTV Information gathering

· Information gathering continues, I have made contact with another local resident who specialises in CCTV insulations. He is currently working with other parish councils which is encouraging.


Due to covid-19 and tier 3 restrictions it’s difficult to progress as quickly as hoped.