Earlswood ASB and Traffic Issues working party update Dec 2020

Published: 17 December 2020

Earlswood ASB and Traffic Issues working party update Nov 2020

PSPO - This is still a the public consultation stage until the 8th January 2021

Malthouse ParkThe gates have now been installed[EC1] .

The Causeway – There is unlikely to be any further correspondence exchanges until after the Causeway is closed in March / April time in order to allow CRT to effect their maintenance work on it.

CCTV camerasThe camera and pole at the bottom of Malthouse Lane has been approved by the PC and is in the hands of SDC. Planning Permission is required.[EC2]

We contacted Tony Dixon to ask him to see if SDC had any funding available for the possible erection of the cameras at the bottom of the dip in Valley Road. TD has replied but we feel that his response indicated that he had not conducted the research that we had asked of him and have, consequently, written again to clarify what we had asked previously. We await a response. One of the points that that TD made that interested us in particular was that the PC may be able to fund the second pole and cameras on credit and get the same preferential rates and terms that SDC gets on loans. We have asked TD to research this issue amongst the other points made.

We also contacted John Horner to ask him if he was aware of any funding, through the CC or other supporting organisations to whom we might make application for funding. He replied suggesting that he would bring it up at the next Chairs and Clerks meeting and ask for £10k to be granted through the County Councillor Minors Works Fund.

We now believe that, because planning permission is required for each pole and cameras, that we recommend to the PC to ask SDC to make applications for both poles and cameras at the same time. The planning approval will be extant for 3 years and, assuming that we will get funding at some point, enable us to react quickly when the time comes. The cost of the planning application is minimal and SDC may actually pay for it themselves.[EC3]

CRT – We have not been in contact with CRT, apart from discussing some new signage that they are proposing to erect.

Road Lining – We have written to SMBC to ask them to line parts of Wood Lane and Lady Lane. We wrote to Ken Hawkins, the Councillor for the Blythe ward and he responded by saying that we needed to make application to SMBC Highways. We have also been working with Tidbury Green PC and they have now submitted a lengthy request to SMBC Highways on this. We have backed this up by re-submitting our original email to Ken Hawkins to SMBC Highways.

One of the points that Ken Hawkins made is that the Solihull Traffic Regulation Order Programme for 21/22 appears to have been filled already with no room for issues such as ours to be considered until 22/23 at the earliest. We have each made submissions for Wood Lane and Lady Lane to be treated as a special case as a consequence of the issues surrounding it.

[EC1]Dave / Julie, has anything been done about managing the opening and closing of the gates?

[EC2]Julie, what’s the current position with this?

[EC3]We need to decide which location on Valley Rd we want the cameras located.

EC’s preference is for the end nearer Earlsmere because the view of the T junction, where the drug dealers park, is better but the attendant additional cost is around £7k. Is the extra worth paying?

We need everyone’s input to make a submission to the PC to instruct SDC to make a planning application.