PSPO for Earlswood

Published: 19 November 2020

 SDC are launching the public consultation for the PSPO this Friday (20th November). The consultation will last for seven weeks and end on the 8th January 2021. There is a statutory requirement that we carry out a formal consultation. The council are looking to prohibit a number of specified behaviours including:

1) Psychoactive substances possession and consumption

2) Car Cruising which includes excessive engine reeving, speeding, racing, cruising and obstruction

3) Loitering and causing intimidation, harassment, alarm and distress

4) Alcohol consumption or Alcohol Consumption when causing intimidation, harassment, alarm and distress

We will conduct the formal consultation by -

· Sending a letter and freepost survey to all residents within the proposed zone

· Setting up an online snap survey for anyone to access (this is the same questions as the residents survey)

· Promote the online survey on local Facebook/social media group forums

· Consult with local stakeholders and landowners (Warwickshire Police Chief Constable, PCC, Tanworth Parish Council, Residents association, Cllrs)