ASB/Working Party Update 17.10.20

Published: 17 October 2020

ASB / Working Party Update

Canal and River Trust (CRT): Although the security guards’ contract has ended, CRT has now designated two employees to do work around the Lakes on a 7 days a week basis. This includes maintenances, tidying up and interfacing with visitors as reps of CRT. Say “Hi” to Terry and James when you meet them.

Cameras: Stratford District Council (SDC) are still waiting for Warwickshire County Council (WCC) to provide lighting column specifications. This is being followed up with WCC. The temporary camera can be deployed quickly once the column is in place. SDC are considering a 2nd camera to cover the Causeway, with a slight preference given to a column-mounted camera at the base of Valley Road instead of the Pump House. Using a wireless relay in the Pump House for both cameras would reduce installation costs, as BT would not need to install communications.

Bang up to date info: We’ve had an interesting exchange regarding the causeway with John Horner over the past week. He suggested that it might be worth considering traffic control by the use of gates that are controlled by ANPR cameras. The intention would be for the PC Clerk to manage the list of vehicles for those who are granted access and to keep the database up to date. Apart from that, the system would be automated, so there would be no need to control things further. Each member of the WP has considered this idea independently and there are no dissenting voices.

Also, in view of the survey reactions to the opening and closing issue on the causeway from those primarily in MHL, it may satisfy both groups as the gates could be opened and closed as necessary, over and above the ANPR control. If this was felt to be worth exploring further, this needs to be promoted by the PC to WCC, according to advice received by John Horner. The WP commend this as a course of action.

Road Lining: Nothing further to report on the yellow lines. WCC say that they will do the lining in conjunction with other related works. We will monitor the situation and chase them as necessary. WCC has now confirmed that Wood Lane and Lady Lane are the responsibility of SMBC and we haven’t contacted them yet but will do so imminently.

Malthouse Park: There are 3 quotes for the gates for the park and a decision on which one to go for in the next few days. We are also collating quotes for security services to lock up the park and again a decision should be made soon. Parking bay layouts have not been looked at yet as the gates are the most important issue currently but this is pending.

Public Space Protection Order (PSPO): We are awaiting some information on this as it’s out of our hands but, the initial feedback from the public bodies involved was very positive and we expect some further positive information back soon.