Multi-Agency Meeting the Lakes

Published: 05 June 2020

Earlswood Lakes: Multi-Agency Meeting 

Agreed Actions 


Warwickshire Police (Sgt Eagles/Insp Wiggin): 


  • to provide update on Operational Patrol Unit and Fire Service ASBIT plans. 

  • to provide anecdotal information from patrolling officers about the peak times for double yellow lines parking to WCC. 

  • to feedback on actions agreed between Warwickshire and West Midlands Police.  

  • to feedback on possibility of a high court injunction against car cruising. 


Parish Council: 

  • to explore appetite for double yellow lines being extended with Malthouse Lane residents.  


Paul Taylor (Warwickshire County Council) 

  • to advise on timeline and next steps for exploring a priority give way system, and a 20mph speed limit. 

  • to advise whether, in theory, a temporary closure of the Causeway may be possible and how this could be done. 

  • to explore possibility of vertical traffic calming measures on Valley Road and Malthouse Lane, and feedback. 


Sam Slemensek (Stratford District Council) 

  • to explore option of a PSPO with Stratford District Council. 

  • to explore possibility of more frequent collections of drugs paraphernalia by Stratford District Council. 

  • to continue to engage with CCTV plans and feedback on timeline and progress. 


Timothy Booker (Canal and Riverside Trust) 

  • to share video evidence with Warwickshire Police of Earlswood Lakes. 

  • to find out more about reduce water levels and feedback on any actions that can be taken concerning this. 


Abigail Simkin (Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner) 

  • to share actions and secure updates in due course 

  • to draft a response to correspondence from residents around Earlswood Lakes about actions agreed at this meeting.