Food Waste Caddies

Published: 22 October 2019

 From County Councillor John Horner

 The other major issue facing us is climate change and again we can leave the solution to Government or try to do a little ourselves. Very often everyone agrees someone should do something but in the end no one does anything. At the last Council meeting the all the political groups in the chamber supported the declaration of a climate emergency and a committee was formed to come up with ideas. In the meantime we can all make a small contribution to reducing greenhouse gasses by making sure we put all our food waste in the green bin for composting rather than the grey bin for landfill. Sending rubbish to land fill results in the county being charged a landfill tax and this means less money to be spent on other services. The food waste breaks down in the rubbish heap and produces methane gas and this is a much more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. I have been handing out free small waste food caddies to be used in the kitchen and then emptied out in the green bin. I have been advised that even if you might not use the green waste service for garden waste you should use the green bin for food waste. If you don’t have a green bin then these can be obtained by telephoning Stratford on Avon District Council. If SoADC do decide to charge for the green bin service as an extra fee over the general council tax they have said they will provide special food bins to be put out for collection to anyone who does not pay for a green bin service.